1. Omegle

    You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!You: HiStranger: RacistStranger: heyYou: what?You: Racist?Stranger: That was not for youYou: ooh hahahaStranger: Sorry You: lolYou: it’s okayStranger: 18 male franceYou: 16 female Stranger: Before you ask meYou: Indo :pStranger: i Want to talkYou: haha me too :PStranger: What mean indo pleaseStranger: ?You: Indonesia :p sorryStranger: Ho ok is that My faultYou: hahaha lol :pStranger: How are you soStranger: ?You: fineYou: you? Stranger: Same but just a bit borredStranger: More than bored maybeYou: wowYou: boredYou: me tooStranger: What are you doing?Stranger: & What do you do on this WebsiteYou: playing a game :P Stranger: hooo What kind of gameStranger: ?You: Ghost Trappers and Mouse Hunt on facebook lol :PStranger: Don’t know Why but i laughedYou: hahahahaStranger: That is The game of the futureYou: do you have a twitter?Stranger: i have FacebookStranger: Not twitter sorryYou: hahahahaYou: it’s okay :)You: msn?Stranger: Yes but don’t use it a lot You: hmm me tooStranger: Hahaha Why this question thenStranger: ?You: haha nopeYou: ah yaStranger: What do you saidStranger: ?You: hahaha nope :PYou: forget itYou: what’s your fav band?Stranger: that what i’m gona doStranger: don’t Have i like every kind of musicStranger: youStranger: ?You: The Devil Wears PradaStranger: never heard aboutYou: or Bring Me The Horizon hahahaStranger: You make me laught for no reason & i’m not highYou: lol :pStranger: There’s nothing funYou: sorry if i’m not good in english :pStranger: Look in at mine it suckStranger: No need to be sorryStranger: you’re probably better than meYou: wow haha thanks :DStranger: I said probablyStranger: ^^You: T_TYou: hh i’m so boredStranger: Me too What do you want to dooStranger: ?You: I dont knowYou: you?Stranger: i Want to test something But you will probably don’t be okayYou: midnight in hereYou: test?Stranger: Yes i Know a wesbsite for Text to an Phone whereverStranger: but i’ù not sure its WorkingStranger: i’m not SureYou: want to try it?Stranger: Yes but i need you’r mobile phone number & i’m a StrangerYou: hmmYou: for what?Stranger: For text youYou: oh hahahaStranger: i Want to Know if the Website its realy Working Stranger: But don’t give me it if you don’t WantYou: you want to know more about me? :PStranger: Maybe….but i mostly see if the Website Work realyStranger: did you undersatnd Stranger: ?You: I seeStranger: But i understand if you don’t WantYou: hmm You: okay I wantStranger: Tell me yes or notStranger: it does’nt matterYou: hahahaStranger: i’m Not an hacker or something like thatYou: +6285715377889You: that’s my phone numberStranger: ?? should i type the +?You: hmm yeahYou: or 085715377889You: it sameStranger: Ho ok so i will Try to send you a MessageYou: okayStranger: on the second NumberYou: Tell me if you’ve sent me a messageStranger: its maye a bit long but i send You just a stupid messageStranger: not from my phoneStranger: don’t try to reply isn’t my NumberYou: okayStranger: Did you get somethingStranger: ?You: mm waitYou: noStranger: Haaaa That is so badYou: :pYou: no incoming message :PStranger: Maybe could wait a bit moreStranger: Don’t Know but hope That will workYou: hey Be Right Back okayStranger: yesYou: Back :)Stranger: Waw you’re Faster than the lightYou: lol You: i just a drinking :pStranger: AlcoholicYou: NopeYou: Mineral Water :pStranger: Don’t believe youYou: I dont like alcoholStranger: is that a good Thing….Cause your religion or just yoStranger: ?You: yeah cause my religion :PStranger: Hoo yes anyway alcohol isn’t a good thingYou: hahaha yeahYou: do you like alcohol?Stranger: Hmmm…..yesYou: Wow :pStranger: i Know i’m badYou: what its like?Stranger: But not too much sureYou: sweet? or?Stranger: Hmmm you mean Sweet Alcohol?You: hmmYou: I meanYou: tasteStranger: That depend What kind of alcohol Stranger: i used to drink on party or at the clubYou: oh I seeYou: what time at there?Stranger: 8:41 pm or 20:41Stranger: Here we use a 24 h clockStranger: not 41 but 44Stranger: SorryYou: hahaha me too You: we use a 24 h clock tooStranger: Is that thoose Stupid american Who don’tStranger: ^^You: lol :PStranger: i don’t have any problem with them no worryYou: ya me too hahahhaaStranger: so Don’t you get my message??You: NoooooooooooooYou: Inbox = 0You: No incoming message You: mmStranger: Let me try againYou: oh god You: I’m so sleepy :(Stranger: No you should stay with me ^^Stranger: Other people aren’t coolYou: hahahaha :pStranger: its True there’s only Perver hereYou: but I’m a man :pYou: my sister female :pStranger: hahaa Stranger: lolYou: am I a good man? lolStranger: Why told me you are a girlStranger: ?Stranger: yes you areYou: that’s my sisterStranger: So i don’t Know with who i’m talkingStranger: hahaYou: hahaha first you talking with my sisterYou: and she sleptYou: but now you talking with me ^^Stranger: haha ok Since how long timeStranger: ?You: since you asking me about my phone number :pStranger: haah i don’t tell anything Wrong with your sister no worryYou: hahaha :P it’s okay Stranger: The Who are youStranger: ?Stranger: an 87 old manStranger: ?You: noooooo You: hahaYou: I’m 19 years old :pStranger: Older than meYou: hahaha you 18 right>You: ?Stranger: so There’s nothing on your phoneStranger: ?Stranger: yesYou: YupYou: No incoming message :PStranger: That is realy ShittyYou: Lol Stranger: Hopefuly i don’t Tell anything about how your sister like guyStranger: hahaStranger: i feel ashamedYou: hahahahaha :PStranger: but anyway i’m not a Perver but be carreful with who your sister is talkingYou: hmm okay :DStranger: So What about WhatStranger: i’m a cool guy too rightStranger: ?You: hahaha yupYou: you’re a nice guy ^^Stranger: Yes almost every people tell me thatYou: wuw hahaha add me on facebook Stranger: ??? Stranger: Who are youYou: i want to be your friend Stranger: you are allready my friendYou: hahahahaYou: what’s your name on facebook?You: i Will add youStranger: Julien debonnetYou: wait a minuteStranger: you Will see i look very goodStranger: hahahaStranger: ^^You: Santa Monica?Stranger: No i’m White looking like an EuropeanStranger: Good descriptionYou: hmmStranger: if you don’t Find me i send you a linkYou: okayStranger: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1625324849You: added ^^Stranger: i acceptYou: Thanks Stranger: aufaStranger: ?You: YapYou: aufa yusuf perdana You: thats my name hahaYou: nice hahaStranger: What just your first nameStranger: ?You: AufaYou: call me OfaYou: :PStranger: Ofa then call me Julien hahaYou: hahaha okay Julien You: hoam, i need to sleep :PStranger: Ho then have a good nightYou: okay You: thanksStranger: nice Talking to you & your sisterYou: Bye JulienStranger: ByeYou: Nice to meet you ^^You: chat on facebook :PStranger: Yes Yes no problemStranger: See you soonStranger: hoo okStranger: ByeYou: ByeYou: ^^

  2. formspring.me

    ask me anything you want ;D http://formspring.me/ofareinder

  3. formspring.me

    Ask me anything and follow me yaaaaa ;D http://formspring.me/ofareinder

  4. formspring.me

    Ask me anything and follow me yaaaaa ;D http://formspring.me/ofareinder

  5. formspring.me

    Ask me anything and follow me yaaaaa ;D http://formspring.me/ofareinder

  6. formspring.me

    Ask me anything and follow me yaaaaa ;D http://formspring.me/ofareinder

  7. Happy 3rd Month Anniversary & Independence Day of USCR

    Happy 3rd Month Anniversary yaa sabrinaaaaaa, i love you so bad, aku sayang kamuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Happy Independence day of USCR ♥ I love you my queen of USCR ♥♥

  8. aufa


    aufa itu aufa


    atlit hebat

    pinter pula



    dia sering banget buat gua ketawa



    lebay :P

    celeeeeeeeeng! itu wajib disebutkan hahaha

    dia orang pertama yang ngebalikin mood gua

    kalo gua kesel

    nginget muka kagetnya, gua langsung ketawa

    dia selalu ada buat gua

    pas gua down abis karena kalah lomba

    dia yang tenangin gua

    nilai TO gua jelek

    dia yang nyemangatin gua

    gua berenang

    dia selalu bilang :

    latihan yang semangat ya

    gua sayang banget sama aufa

    i-love-you-aufa-yusuf-perdana :)

    atlit hebat sama pinter nya ngga tuh yaang ;p haha

  9. "♥ aku sayang banget sama sabrina nadilla♥ , ♥ I love you so much sabrina nadilla♥ , ♥ Ich liebe dich so sehr sabrina nadilla♥ , ♥ Je t’aime tellement nadilla sabrina♥ , the core of all this is really the same I love you Sabrina Nadilla ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥"

    - USCR ♥♥♥
  10. "Love me and i’ll give you millions of free hugs, all for free. To keep you warm and safe :)"

    - Aufa Yusuf
  11. "Love it when you hug me, to be in your arms and to feel safe even I know this world is bad"

    - Aufa Yusuf
  12. Glenn Medeiros - Nothing’s gonna change my love for you

    If I had to live my life without you near me
    The days would all be empty
    The nights would seem so long
    With you I see forever
    Oh, so clearly I might have been in love before
    But it never felt this strong
    Our dreams are young and we both know
    They’ll take us where we want to goHold me now
    Touch me now
    I don’t want to live without you

    Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
    You ought to know by now how much I love you
    One thing you can be sure of
    I’ll never ask for more than your love
    Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
    You ought to know by now how much I love you
    If the road ahead is not so easy
    Our love will lead the way for us
    Like a guiding starI’ll be there for you if you should need meYou don’t have to change a thing
    I love you just the way you are
    So come with me and share the view
    I’ll help you see forever too
    Hold me nowTouch me now
    I don’t want to live without you

    Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
    You ought to know by now how much I love you
    One thing you can be sure of
    I’ll never ask for more than your love
    Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
    You ought to know by now how much I love you

  13. anggadasamira:


    nothing’s gonna change my love for you ;D

    wes ofa bisa mellow wkwk

    jeeh hahaha yabisa lah lagu mellow banyak bgt gua, tapi banyakan metaaaaal (bukan melayu total) wkwkwk

  14. nothing’s gonna change my love for you ;D

  15. "When you say ‘I love you’ to me, I felt very precious and very happy, because I could be someone who you love and that is the best thing in this world"

    - Aufa Yusuf
i'm a celeng and lebay boy but i can love someone, yeah that person is sabrina :D yeah i'm a drummer
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